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Are you wondering how to have a three way or how to find someone to have a threeway? Are you still not sure about where to find couples looking for a third or hook up with single women looking for couples? 3som is the right place for your.

You can have a threesome with two men, two women, two transsexuals, a man and a woman, a man and a transsexual, or a woman and a transsexual. Threesomes can include gay and straight singles, couples or swingers.

Not only can you decide how many men, women and transsexuals to include in your threesomes, but you also have many kinds of threesomes to think about. If you want to experience new, raw sex, try an amateur threesome.

If you're curious about bisexuality, set up bisexual threesomes with men, women or transsexuals. If you have or haven't had gay sex before, try a gay threesome! Many members also love ebony threesomes or wife threesomes. We also highly recommend lesbian threesomes with two lesbian women and a man, woman or transsexual. These hot threesomes can be just the start of your threesome sex and dating experiences!